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Referrals not leads

It’s time we stop thinking in terms of Internet leads, and start focusing on “Online Referrals.” Leads are cold and impersonal. The independent insurance industry wasn’t built on leads, it was built on referrals. TrustedChoice.com's unique distribution system connects active insurance buyers one-to-one with independent insurance agents like you!

More Inbound Referrals

In 2015 TrustedChoice.com received more than 3,000,000 visitors interested in learning more about insurance. More than 75,000 of these visitors were connected with and referrals to independent insurance agents like you.

Local Search Listing

TrustedChoice.com Advantage Profiles are optimized for local search and indexed with all major search engines, including Google. This gives your agency a second listing in local search results (in addition to your own website) and more opportunity to capture local insurance buyers.

Marketing Education

Receive discounted access to insurance marketing and sales education and training available through Agency Nation.

"The customer was committed to using a Trusted Choice agent before we even spoke on the phone. The $30,000 account I received today from a TrustedChoice.com referral was just another great account. The largest referral I have closed was $72,000, a trucking company."
- Frank Rodriguez

"We received a referral from Trustedchoice.com from the granddaughter of the founder of our agency who lives in Northern Michigan and was with a direct writer."
- Mike McBride